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We are what we eat” – Ludwig Feuerbach

Food speaks clearly about our tastes, our places and our beliefs. Food tells stories of our past, of stories we can never forget or stories of sacrifices and challenges. Food is s an open book on the traditions and customs of civilization to which we belong; its saving, its enhancement and its innovation tells about of the love we have for our roots we would never neither cut off nor deny.

Fiore di Puglia, for over 20 years, produces healthy bakery snacks made only with high quality ingredients from Apulia. Fiore di Puglia was born from the awareness of the importance of preserving food and in the same time and passing the stories of taste from father to son and by the great respect for the local food culture and that of Apulia.

The love of Fiore’s family for their land food has very deep roots, going back to 1940 when Cataldo Fiore, founder of what is now an well known company all over Italy and abroad, opened a wood oven in Corato. Corato is a town north of Bari, where still headquarters of the company are. At that time the inhabitants of Corato, even during the Second World War, were used to go to the wood oven to bake their hand- made bread.

1957 signed an important date for Fiore‘s family. Antonio, Cataldo‘s son, decided to open the first real bakery in Andria called “Panificio Fiore” (Fiore’s Bakery). These years were the ones after the after- II World War and of the economic boom. The goal of the business that, in addition to meeting the demand from a population affected by the well-being and therefore more demanding, was guaranteeing employment to his successors and young people looking for work. “Fiore’s Bakery” was among the first ones to be equipped with a mechanical coal oven, becoming immediately and important reality for supplying bread for bars, taverns and restaurant. All were proud of the excellent quality of the product and for very quick deliveries.

But you do not live by bread alone, we say in Italy. Giuseppe, Antonio’s son, since his childhood followed his father. He was really fascinated by this job and decided that this was his job too. Soon he put into practice his idea to expand the range of products in his father’s bakery in addition to the famous bread flour and durum wheat semolina pasta, the production of tasty typical local bakery products: such as biscuits, Focacce (a sort of Pizza) and typical Apulian bagels called Taralli.

Indeed Taralli represented the branch mark of Fiore’s Bakery and of all Apulian region, becoming in the same time the core business also of the Fiore di Puglia’s company, founded by Giuseppe in 1990. Nowadays, after more than 20 years, Mr. Giuseppe Fiore is still the Managing Director of company. He manages the company with authentic passion together with his four children.

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