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The Capunti, prepared with artisanal techniques, are obtained with durum wheat semolina produced in the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Durum wheat semolina and water.

Packaging mode
Primary packaging: packs in “food” bags in accordance with the D.M. 21/03/1973 from gr. 400

Information on the label
The Capunti; Logo, ingredients list, expiry dates, contents of the envelope, Keep in a cool and dry place, Nutritional information, Instructions for use, Recycling logo, EAN code.

Storage conditions
Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place.

Warranty of duration of the goods
The company guarantees the hygienic, nutritional and organoleptic quality of the packaged product until the expiration date. Must be protected from sources of contamination.

Information for the consumption of the product
Pour the notes in abundant water at the boiling temperature. When cooked, drain and season to taste.

Additional information

Weight 400.0000 g