Fiore di Puglia

One of a kind

The birth

Fiore family's love for their land and its gastronomic heritage has very deep roots that go back to 1940, year in which Cataldo Fiore, built and started a wood-burning oven in Corato, where the population used to go for baking their bread during the Second World War. Corato, located north of Bari is still home of the company that is now an established reality in Italy and abroad.


In 1957 Antonio, Cataldo's son, made the breakthrough: during the economic boom founded in Andria the first real Fiore Bakery. The goal was to start a business that could guarantee employment for his successors and for young people that were looking for a job; moreover he wanted to satisfy the exigent population's demand that aimed to the well-being. The Fiore Bakery, one of the first to be equipped with a mechanical coal oven, immediately became a bread supply hub for food shops, bars, trattorias and restaurants, enthusing the owners for the excellent quality of the products and for the timeliness deliveries.

Fiore di Puglia today

Man does not live by bread alone. Giuseppe, Antonio's son, knows it well. Since he was a child, followed his father in his business enough to be fascinated by that world and so he decided to make it his profession. Not long before, he put into practice his idea about increasing the basket of products sold into his father's bakery: besides the famous bread made with flour and durum wheat semolina, the production of tasty and numerous baked delicacy such as dry biscuits, focaccia and taralli.
Precisely the tarallo, that was the jewel in the crown of the Fiore Bakery and of the entire Apulia, will be the milestone of the Fiore di Puglia company, founded by Giuseppe in 1990 even nowadays passionately guided by him along with his four sons.

Our Certificates

L’azienda Fiore di Puglia company provides a self-monitoring manual issued as provided by CE Regulation 852/2004, over the hygiene of food products and is provided with sanitary authorization.
The company, in order to protect the final customer:

  1. apply procedure based on HACCP system to pursue an high food safety level;
  2. respect and ensures the traceability procedure in all the phases of the supply chain (since the reception of the raw ingredients until the delivery of the final product), according as provided by the CE Regulation 178/02;
  4. is a member of Qualità Puglia Products brand.
  5. produces and provides a Gluten Free products line;
  6. raw ingredients GMO free and GMO derived raw ingredients.

Moreover, as a greater guarantee of the final customer:

  1. each supply, realized by approved suppliers, is accompanied by an Analysis Certificate and, before the unloading, is realized a random analytical and/or microbiological checking of the product;
  2. are periodically planned and performed chemical and microbiological analysis concerning the raw ingredients and the final product taking advantage of an ACCREDIA accredited laboratory;
  3. the plan of pest control and rodent control is performed by a qualified external company whose activity is monthly monitored and recorded;
  4. use of the metal detector to avoid any foreign particulate in the final packaged product.
Certificato BRC
IFS Food
Vegan Food
Certificato IT BIO 009
IFS Food
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