Fiore di Puglia, for more than 20 years, produces genuin bakery products made only with Apulian origin high quality raw ingredients. Conscious of the importance of preserve and pass on Apulian taste history and thanks to the high respect for the local gastronomic culture. Fiore's Family made a strong connection with its land, making the tarallo, typical Apulian receipt, the jewel in the crown of the company.
Gluten free taralli are made without milk and eggs; they are perfect for those who follow a gluten free nutrition or a vegan diet; moreover they are high in fiber and low in saturated fat. They were created to satisfy all the customers demand, without renouncing to the delicacy and to the fragrance of the traditional products.

The range is composed by 5 products in various grammages and is payable by the National Health System.
Organic Multigrain Taralli are made with organic extra-virgin oil and a dough of whole wheat flour wisely mixed; naturally high in fiber, tasty and fragrant in every bite.
Fiore di Puglia whole wheat taralli, now available in the smallest size, are high in fiber and are made only with extra-virgin oil, a cornerstone in the Apulian production.
Fiore di Puglia combines modernity and tradition, proposing healthy products in line with the market requests.

Fiore di Puglia espone al Padiglione 3 – Stand D10 E11


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