“Only in tradition is my love.” – Pier Paolo Pasolini

The importance of tradition and the ability to develop it without destroying the its nature: this the Fiore di Puglia’s secret. Its daily love for past traditions and preserving the baggage inherited from ancestors. Without the past Fiore di Puglia could not have been born.

The safeguard of the past experiences as starting point for a new business represents new ways of taste; only using high quality ingredients, as required by the local food tradition, to create original flavors full of typical Apulian tastes.  They are the synonymous with healthy eating combined with wisdom and respect the fruits of the earth: these are the principles that inspired Fiore di Puglia, solid reality that has never stopped putting the center of his universe the search for raw materials of quality and customer satisfaction, which the road is lit by an important past written in more than 60 years by 3 generations to experience and distinguished in the world of the baked products.

The constant updating and use of high-tech production systems in harmony with the values transmitted by the founder Cataldo, why Fiore di Puglia, in Italy and abroad, is an ambassador for authenticity, goodness and tradition.

From 1993 to today Fiore di Puglia has expanded the range of products in its brand to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and attentive to the quality in terms of raw materials and processing methods.

Taralli, in many different flavours and sizes, Friselle, Biscuits and High quality durum wheat semolina pasta are the cornerstone of the company which always aims to enhance the rural and local culture and food of Apulia working only with genuine raw materials. The and using only the method of sourdough, all in accordance with the territory as evidenced by the installation of a photovoltaic system 100% Made in Puglia and cooking systems ovens with pellet fired.

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