“Little opportunities are often the beginning of great things.” – Demostene

All started by a wood oven in the city center of Corato that now brought to a company located in the industrial area of Corato, with more of 60employees, the step was long, laborious and past. The seeds planted by Luigi and Antonio Fiore were taken over by Giuseppe Fiore. Is was a long and hard way but without never forgetting its roots and the tradition. Nowadays the company Fiore di Puglia, is an important company with 60 employees, that has made its traditional its strength.

Three factories which cover an area of 12.000 square meters, 60employees and a daily production capacity of 10.000 kg of Taralli, 1000kg of Friselle, 1500 kg of biscuits and 2500 kg of High quality pasta. These are the numbers of the company Fiore di Puglia. The Packaging department is equipped with the latest packaging systems, allowing tokeep the product in packs of starting from the 25gr, 35gr, 50gr, 125gr, 175gr, 250gr, 400gr and 500gr etc…

The strong will to grow and expand on the Italian market, given by Mr. Giuseppe Fiore, brought the company already in 1996/1997 to conquer very important customers as Autogrill, Auchan and Carrefour. The stores of these customers are all over Italy, from North to South, stating clearly that the products are appreciated all over Italy and also abroad.

In 2004 Fiore di Puglia becomes a “Fiore di Puglia Spa” a further step towards the growth of the company and to the export of its products, first of all the traditional Taralli from simple substitute of bread changed slowly in delicious tasty snack and appreciated by the European market but also from Russia, Japan, China and the United States.

Tenacity and faith in the potentials of the territory and of its own project to develop and export the lessons of a lifetime: a big dream, born of a little /big opportunity, has turned into a business enterprise of the size extraterritorial.


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