Friselle with raw caponata & tuna

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A colorful and fresh recipe, which recalls spring, the friselle with raw caponatina and seared tuna are ideal as an appetizer, light but tasty, for a family lunch or a dinner with friends. An easy and quick recipe to prepare, where the traditional flavors come together wisely, creating a simple and delicious dish and where the main ingredient is the frisella; a typical Apulian product, made with natural raw materials, such as the Friselle Classiche Fiore di Puglia.

Quantity:  x  4 
Time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
4 pcs  of Frise Classic or Wholewheat "Fiore di Puglia" 
300 g tuna 
1 yellow pepper
150 g of tomatoes
Pitted black olives
Pitted green olives
1 red onion
Extra virgin olive oil

Wash the peppers and tomatoes and drain the olives; cut the peppers into slices and remove the white filaments and the internal seeds,
then cut them into small pieces. 
Then cut the tomatoes and olives into 2, then place everything inside a large salad bowl and season with oil and salt; add the onion peeled and cut into slices and mix everything.
At this point you can go to the preparation of the tuna: once the plate is heated on the fire, cook the slice 3-4 minutes per side, adjusting with a little salt, then turn off the heat and move the fish to a plate, where you will cut it into " thin strips.
Meanwhile, wet the friselle with a couple of tablespoons of water to soften them.
Now add the dish: use the friselle as a base, place a couple of tablespoons of vegetables and some tuna strips on top; 
season with a little extra virgin olive  oil and a pinch of pepper and your starter is ready to be served at room temperature!

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